30 Day Minimalism Challenge

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Prior to all of my recent research, I really thought minimalists were the people who bought tiny homes.  They were the ones who had the white walls without a single picture hanging.  You know, all of the straight lines. No character!  Right? I was so wrong.

Over the past few months, I have learned a ton about living a minimal lifestyle.  Pinterest, of course, has been my main source of knowledge.  It has linked me to some great podcasts, YouTube channels and other blogs that discuss all of the benefits of minimalism.

Unfortunately, we have accumulated so much stuff. And for what? Most of it we don’t use or need.  My husband’s favorite phrase used to be, “but it was on clearance.”  Clearance doesn’t mean buy, people. And at the time he was working in retail, so he would literally come home with something every single day.  So we are hoping to put an end to this.

Besides the fact that our home has become so cluttered, just buying for the sake of buying has other consequences.  It contributes to the development of a spoiled brat.  Right now, my three year old thinks that if we are out she should get a toy.  And why shouldn’t she? She’s adorable.  Now we have created a monster.  An entitled monster who gets a toy for no reason, only to forget about it 10 minutes later.  This is the last thing I want my daughter to be.  I want her to understand the value of a dollar.  The value of hard work.  The pride you feel when you earn something.

And lastly, we want our children to remember experiences and create memories.  Physical items fade, but memories last a lifetime.  By buying less stuff and removing excess from our home, we free up time, money and energy to participate in activities.  To take trips.  To enjoy one another.  So join me as we hop on this journey to minimalism.  We are kicking it off with a 30 Day Minimalism Challenge.  Follow me on Instagram or Pinterest to help hold one another accountable.


30 Day Minimalism Challange

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